Salman was raised in a village in the land of Faris (Persia). He lived a life of ease and comfort as his father was extremely affluent. At the same time, the father worked hard to raise his son in the religion of the Majoos (magians), however, Salman made friends with a people who followed the religion of ‘Isa (Jesus) (may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him). Salman liked the ways and beliefs of the followers of ‘Isa, therefore he asked them about the roots of their religion. They told him that it was established in the land of Sham (Syria).

Salman's father tried to prevent him from continuing on his new path; he even locked him in the house, tied him up and had beaten him. Salman managed to escape and travelled to the land of Sham. There he kept company with a Christian scholar who was an ascetic in his way of life; he was constantly fasting and would frequently stand for prayer. When he was about to die, Salman asked him, "Who should I keep company with after you?" He directed him to a man in Musal, describing him as one who neither changed nor distorted the Bible.

Salman went to the man in Musal and remained with him until he too was about to die. When Salman asked him who he should keep company with after him, he replied, "There exists no one like me except for a man in Nasibin."

So Salman went to that man in Nasibin and remained with him until he too was on the verge of dying. He then directed Salman to yet another man in 'Umuriyyah, and when that man was about to die (in 'Umuriyyah), he said to Salman, "O my son, there is no one left on the face of the earth who adheres to what we believe; however, the time is near when a Prophet will appear in the land of the Arabs. He will be sent with the religion of Abraham and he will migrate to a land that is filled with date-palm trees. These are signs that he is known by: he doesn't eat from charity, yet he eats from a gift, and between his shoulders is the stamp of Prophethood."

Salman migrated to the land of the Arabs, but among the caravan he was travelling with, were those who betrayed him and sold him to a people who then went on to sell him again to a man from the tribe of Banu Quraizah. When Salman saw dates in Yathrib (Al-Madinah), he remembered what his final companion said when he described the place to where the Prophet was to migrate. Salman Farsi said that when Allah's Messenger migrated to Yathrib: "I was perched on the top of a date-palm tree, and it was an extremely hot day. As I was in that state and my owner was seated under that tree, a man from the Jews approached and said, 'May Allah fight with the Children of the tribe, for a man has come to them from Makkah, claiming that he is a Prophet, and they are gathered with him at Quba.' As soon as I heard what he said, I was overcome with wonder and joy, and I hurried down the tree. I demanded from him that he repeated what he said; however my owner had beaten me. During that very night I took some dates that were rightfully mine and then I went walking to Quba. When I approached there, I asked permission to meet with Allah's Messenger (may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and he gave me permission to enter. I entered to meet the Messenger and his words had a wonderful effect on my heart." Salman addressed Allah's Messenger saying, "Indeed it has reached me about you that you are a righteous man and with you are needy Companions; this is something that was with me, which was intended for charity." Allah's Messenger offered what was given to him to his Companions, yet he ate nothing from it. Salman spoke to himself, "This is one of the signs" and love for the Prophet began to creep into his heart. When the Messenger moved from Quba to Al-Madinah, Salman came to him once more, and again he brought dates with him. He said, "This is a gift for you." The Prophet ate from it and his Companions ate from it as well. Salman said to himself "And this is the second."

Salman later went to Allah's Messenger for a third time. When he went to him this time, Allah's Messenger was burying one of his companions in Al-Baqi graveyard. The Prophet was standing at the edge of the grave remembering Allah and supplicating. He was wearing two garments through which Salman was trying to gain a look at his back. When he prolonged his stare, the Messenger knew his purpose and raised his garments over his back. Salman saw the stamp of Prophethood and knew that the promised Prophet of Allah was standing in front of him. Salman went to the Messenger, kissing him and crying at the same time. He, of course embraced Islam immediately. The Prophet asked him to relate his story, and after Salman related it, the Prophet was so well pleased with it that he asked him to relate it to his Companions as well.


This is the famous story of how the companion Salman al-Farsi became Muslim, from it we learn that anyone who is genuinely and sincerely searching for the truth will find it, Salman's search led him to far lands with trials and tests until he finally met the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him)