She Is No Good

Imaam Ash-Sha‛bee (may Allah have mercy on him) related that he one day heard Al-Mughirah ibn Shu‛bah (may Allah be pleased with him) say, "The only person who ever defeated me in anything was a young man from the clan of Banu Al-Ḥaarith ibn Ka‛b. That occurred when I proposed to a woman from Banu Al-Ḥaarith. When I did so, a young man from the same clan was seated nearby and heard everything I said. He then approached me and said, 'O leader, she is definitely no good for you!' I said, 'O son of my brother, what is wrong with her?' He said, 'I once saw a man kiss her!' I immediately withdrew my proposal, but then I later found out that that very same young man had married her.

I went to him and said, 'Did you not tell me that you saw a man kiss her. He said, 'Yes, I once saw her father kiss her!'"