Who To Obey

The school day ended, and the young girl returned to her home, but she wasn't her usual happy self. No, today a cloud of sadness covered her face. Her loving mother immediately perceived that something was wrong, that something was bothering her dearest child. She calmed her daughter down and asked her what was wrong.

The young girl said, "Mother, my teacher warned me that she would have me expelled from the school if I continue to wear the long clothing that I always wear."
The mother said, "But they are the clothes that Allah wants you to wear."
The girl said, "Yes, mother, but my teacher doesn't want me to wear them." The mother replied "Good point, my dearest daughter. Your teacher doesn't want you to wear them, and Allah wants you to wear them... who then will you obey? Will you obey Allah, Who has created you, given you your form, and blessed
you with countless favors? Or will you obey a created being, who has not the power to either benefit or harm her own self?"
The girl answered, "I will obey Allah," said the girl."
The mother said, "Good, my dearest daughter, for you are in the right." On the following day, the teacher flared up in anger when she saw the young girl challenging her authority by wearing the very same clothes that she had prohibited her from wearing. She continues to reproach and threaten the child, until the young girl broke down crying, no longer being able to show a brave face to her teacher and to her fellow classmates. When she would not calm down but instead continued to cry, the teacher was confused, not knowing how to make her stop.
Then the young girl called out, "By Allah, I do not know who it is that I should obey you or Him."
The teacher asked, "And who is He?"

The girl replied, "Allah. Should I obey you and wear what you.want me to wear and make Him angry in the process? Or should I obey Him and disobey you? Indeed, I will obey Him fit come what may!" The teacher was struck silent, and on the following day she invited the girl's mother to come and visit her. When the two were face to face, the teacher said, "Indeed, your daughter has taught me the greatest spiritual lesson that I have ever learned in my entire life."