The Advice Of The Conqueror Of Constantinople

<p>Muḥammad Al-Faatiḥ (Mehmed II the Conqueror - may Allah have mercy on him), a Muslim ruler during the Ottoman Empire, was known for his knowledge, bravery, justice, piety and humility. He was able to conquer Constantinople at the age of 23 years old when many before him had failed. At the end of his life (Died at age of 49), he advised his son, saying, &quot;Here I am dying, but I am not sorry, for I have left behind one such as you. Be just, righteous, and merciful. Give generously to the people and defend them without distinguishing between them. Spread Islam, for that is compulsory upon the kings of the earth. Give precedence to religion over all things and do not become tired in that pursuit. Do not appoint people who do not care about religion and who do not stay away from the major sins, those who have plunged themselves into wickedness and into evil innovations. Expand the borders of our nation through Jihaad and watch over the wealth of the treasury, making sure that it is not wasted. Never extend your hand to the wealth of anyone from the people except by the right of Islam. Guarantee the weak for their strength and give freely your generosity to those who deserve it.&quot;</p>